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~ dazzling - extremely clever, attractive, brilliant, or impressive

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning Daze

One of my From Dazed to Dazzling goals is to organize everything in my home (and life), and it's a never-ending process to decorate and maintain a home, so that's why I'm writing about SPRING CLEANING. Depending on the person, this phrase can strike fear in the heart, be a source of stress, or actually be a good, almost spiritual, process. I'm somewhere in-between. I want to clean things but unless I have hours (days) and two free hands, it can be very difficult to do any cleaning, let alone spring cleaning, with the boys underfoot.

Basically, spring cleaning equals more cleaning than is the norm, a sort of fresh slate for the new year, after a long, musty winter. What spring cleaning means to me: (1) reorganize desks, closets, drawers (not just clean them, but do something different to keep those areas clean); (2) get rid of unnecessary clothes, boxes, trash, or broken things (if I haven't worn it, used it, or fixed it by now, I'm probably not going to); and (3) clean floors, windows, baseboards, behind/underneath furniture, ceiling fans (i.e. things I should clean all the time, but haven't gotten around to yet). Wish me luck! What do YOU really need to do to spring clean your house?

Helpful links and ideas to kickstart SPRING CLEANING:

Attempting Aloha: Think outside the {toy} Box - Over 50 Organizational Tips for Kids' Spaces
* This is a cute blog with a TON of great ideas for organizing, decor, crafts, and more. The ideas in this post can be adapted for your stuff too, not just for kids! Although if you have kids, you know that stuff accumulates, so any idea to organize, de-clutter, or help your kids keep things tidy is a great thing.

Shopping at - Spring Cleaning Edition
* This blog has inspired me to check out my local 99 Cent Store and I LOVE IT! Dollar stores are great for cheap cleaning supplies (you can find name brands like Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Palmolive, and more), as well as thousands of boxes, bins, and baskets, just to name a few of the storage options. I've been getting crafting supplies, party supplies, and seasonal stuff there lately too. Don't underestimate these stores or criticize the people who shop there's really great for some items.

Then of course there's my trusty Online shopping is great because I don't have to go out (I know, I am such a home-body), and there are reviews for almost every item you could think of purchasing. Just a reminder...I get a small commission when you shop using the product links I post like the ones below (you don't have to buy that product, just buy anything like you normally would), or if you click on any of those boxes/links on the side of this blog.
I earn money from,, and Thanks for shopping! And I hope I've given you some ideas and motivation to start SPRING CLEANING! Here is a handy link to some spring poems I wrote and posted on my Cambodian Mom blog if you need to get into the spring mode.

If you can't see the links product links are to things I have or want for myself: 1) 3x2 cube bookcases, 2) snap-lock lid anti-microbial glass tupperware, 3) set of 3 canvas nesting baskets, 4) wall-mount grocery bag storage, 5) clear vinyl top/cedar inserts/canvas under-the-bed storage, and 6) Rubbermaid Reveal refillable spray mop (can fill with water or your own cleaning solution).

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Dollar TREE!!! It's the best dollar store around. I saw some of those collapsible storage bins there.. I think I may have to go back and grab a few. Geez.. for 1.00 you just can not beat that! I enjoyed this post, Sunny. I am getting ready to do a massive spring cleaning myself. Starting off with the closet in my son's room. I just have entirely too much junk around here. The thing is it's just so hard to let some stuff go. I hope all is going well with you :0)