~ dazed - in a state of mental numbness...unable to think with clarity or act intelligently
~ dazzling - extremely clever, attractive, brilliant, or impressive

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Operation Beautiful

While browsing the blogosphere (blogging/online world), I came across this site: and I just had to share, especially since today is a day devoted to love (well, "Hallmark love" but we can make it mean something else). Basically, the website promotes the mission of posting positive notes in random public places, so that whoever comes across it can read it and feel beautiful or just smile. It started with the idea that women and girls are too down on themselves a lot of the time, and encouraging, positive messages to boost one's self-esteem can be revolutionary in changing that negative cycle. I thought - what a simple and amazing idea. Imagine how nice it is to get a compliment or when someone admires your kids. It gives you a little ego boost, maybe just when you especially need one. Now imagine that when you're in a public restroom, or at the park, or driving down the street, and instead of horrible graffiti, you see "Smile! You're beautiful." or "You are a beautiful CUPCAKE in a world full of MUFFINS." Hehehe. Not that there's anything wrong with muffins but cupcakes have frosting!!

Anyway, I thought that I would participate in this mission. It goes right along with one of my goals to look and FEEL beautiful as a part of becoming DAZZLING, and my step of asking for help and helping others. When you perform random acts of kindness, or help a friend, or give encouraging words to your partner, you spread positive feelings, to combat all the negativity out there. If you promote positivity in your circle, your community, the online society, the can only bring more positivity to your own life too. You can join in the fun...just carry a pad of post-its and a pen or some note paper, and leave notes in random places. You can send in your pics of notes you've posted or found and they'll put them up on their website every day. How about a sticky note on the shopping cart handle. Or the windshield of a car in your workplace parking lot. You can put the website name on there, to spread its message. Maybe you can start right at home...put one on your mirror, and snap a pic of your beautiful self and your little note. Here's mine:
That says: "You're a wonderful person, so SMILE!"

Of course, it's easy to smile when you're with this little guy :)

Operation Beautiful also has published a book that compiles some of the best, most inspiring notes they've collected over the years. Below is a link to buy it on I hope you check out their site and perform an act of random kindness today (and every day, if possible). The book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" is a great book that can help explain to kids why they should do and say kind things. Also, if you need inspiration, here is a great article full of positive quotes and sayings. And of course, give your loved ones an extra nice hug today. :D

Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-it Note at a Time
Have You Filled a Bucket Today?