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Monday, February 6, 2012

Taking The Next Step

Step 2: Tackle challenges and acknowledge successes.

As my last post showcased, I am very happy and proud of my achievements, no matter how small. I want to continue in this fashion and post what I am (or should be) proud of. Yes, I am also fishing for compliments. I recognize, of course, that with each new success, there are dozens more challenges I need to confront. Hopefully, posts about my successes in overcoming each challenge will be numerous :) 

Step 3: Ask for help and help others.

There's no shame in asking for help, as my friends and family can attest to every time I am running late or when the house is a mess when they come visit. In that same vein, I think it's nice not to judge others when they're running late or the house/party/dinner or whatever wasn't perfect. It would be better to jump in and lend a hand, so everyone can have a good time, right? That way, you will always be a good guest as well as a good hostess. I should add this to my list of challenges...

Step 4: Learn something new every day.

This should be everyone's goal. One time long ago, I envisioned being a world traveler, seeing new sights and meeting new people every day. That may not be my life right now, but fundamentally, I am experiencing something new every day as a mother. Life is never boring when you have kids. To keep growing and becoming a good person, no matter what successes I have in my life, I will always strive for more and hope to learn something or do something new every day.

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